New Beginnings

 Baptist Church

"My wife and I consider it a great privilege to be a part of New Beginnings Baptist Church."

Marriage and Family

Al met his wife at Kmart, which was appropriate, because he would eventually propose to her at a McDonald's. If you believe in soul mates, Al and Linda were made for each other. She was the only one for him, literally. She’s the only girl he ever dated.  Four years into their marriage, Bethany was born and four years later along came Brian.  It was at Brian's dedication service on September 16, 1979 that he accepted Christ as his Savior. Al and Linda determined early that their children would attend Christian schools.  Though it meant rental property and old cars, both children graduated with  Bachelor degrees from Crown College in Powell, TN. 


Born a few centuries too late to be involved in the era of devoted theologians and fiery evangelist, Pastor Roose has dedicated himself to the preaching, practice and preservation of the Bible. He looks back on the examples of yesterday to gain insight for today's ministries.  The heroes of his faith include: the Apostle Paul and C.H. Spurgeon.  His most valuable possession is a first edition copy of  "In His Steps" written by Charles Sheldon.  It was this book that challenged him to live constantly examining Christ-like behavior versus his own daily life.  Al has spent 20 years starting churches in several different states. In September of 2008 God called him to serve as the pastor of  New Beginnings Baptist in Creston, IL.  


Pastor Roose can be summarized in the word "loyal."  An unassuming, lumberjack of a man he desires to serve the Lord and help others reach their service potential.  His greatest regret is that he was saved so late in life.  He respects honesty and hard work; the same things he expects of himself.

Likes and Dislikes

Pastor Roose likes spending time with his wife and his grandchildren. His wife keeps him young, but his grandkids remind him that every day he is a little bit older.  His hobbies include classic cars, the collection of antique books and fishing. Although he enjoys most foods he does not like anything lemon.
Linda's hobbies are her grandchildren, gardening and painting. 

In His Own Words

"I can't wait to see my grandchildren graduate from a Christian college."

"I want to officiate at my granddaughter’s marriage."

"My biggest fear is that my grandchildren will not be saved"